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About Faith-Renee...

"Besides acting, I love to sing and listen to music and I play the ukulele. My favorite bands are Twenty One Pilots, Panic! at the Disco, Half∙Alive, and IDK How, but really I like almost all kinds of music. I'm homeschooled and think that's pretty cool. I have flexible time to do music and acting.  I like to make little movies. As far as acting, I love to act and do voiceovers. Pretty neat 'becoming' other people. Everything that goes on while filming is totally awesome and interesting.  I'm an only child. (My mom says I'm hers and dads miracle.)  I love animals. I have a Yorkie, 3 outdoor cats, 1 indoor cat, and 10 ducks who adopted us (we live on a lake). That's about it. Thanks!"  

~ Faith Renee




5' 4"

115 lbs.

(updated 2/5/19)



Faith Renee takes her gift of acting seriously and wants to become an example to others to use your talents. She was born and currently resides in Georgia but Faith Renee & her family are willing to travel and/or move temporarily (long term or short) to wherever her passion for acting takes her.  

Faith Renee booked her first job when she was 5 years old, and at the young age of 7, she became SAG-Eligible with a recurring role on the Sundance original series, Rectify.  She had a goal to have a lead role in a feature film by the time she was 10 years old and she accomplished that goal when she booked the role of Gracie Weathers in Champion, a feature film released in May, 2017. She had co-starring roles in two different TV episodics (Zoe Ever After & Containment), a co-lead in a short film music video, for Zac Brown Band, several commercials, PSA's & industrials, and at least a dozen indie films. She has also performed over 75 voiceovers.

Faith Renee is very mature for her age. That probably comes from being an only child and homeschooled. She is also a year ahead in school. Faith Renee is commonly complimented for her professionalism on set and her ability to take direction quickly and effectively. She understands the set and is interested in all aspects of filming. (References here.)


Earlier on her acting path, she realized the potential of her gift when she performed at two showcases and in both of them, every casting director, director and producer on the panel gave her a callback. She also won 1st place, next to the Grand Prize winner, in a talent show in Atlanta in 2014 out of over 65 contestants and a commercial that she starred in won the NRB Best Television Commercial. 

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