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2017 Headshot Faith Renee
2017 Headshot Faith Renee
Champion Poster
With Andrew Cheney (Champion)
Recurring role on Rectify

"I was fortunate enough to work with Faith Renee on a couple of films now, and I found her to be even more professional on set than many of my adult actors. She understood the ins and outs of set behavior like a pro and made the other actors raise their game. I caught her performance at an actor’s showcase and was blown away that she was the best of anybody on stage. I told her mother I'd work with her any day of the week. She is truly a very gifted and talented actress that has a very bright future ahead of her." - Byron Conrad Erwin, Director, Aegis Pictures 

"An absolute pleasure working with this stellar young actress on the set on Champion this month! She continues to blow me away with her artistic instincts (spot on), consistent professionalism (always attentive and very directable), and sweet demeanor (have never heard her utter a word of complaint). Like her page to follow her burgeoning career; this girl is going places.”  ~ Rebekah Cook, Script Supervisor, Champion Feature Film

"Faith Renee has undoubtedly one of the most curious and driven minds of any actor I’ve worked with. She has become an honest self-observer which allows her to build interesting characters from the girl next door to the most precocious Brainiac. She knows herself which allows her to create honest characters and apply any direction immediately." - Richard Hempton - In Our Image Productions and Private Coach

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